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A Wedding is an important event for not only the Bride and Groom but the whole family and the guests. With so many things to think about for such a big occasion it's easy to forget that you will generally lead off the dancing.

Although this has traditionally been called "The Bridal Waltz" the dance doesn't have to be a waltz. We can teach you a dance to suit your vision of the big event and make it unique.

At Showbiz Dance our staff will consult with you and give advice, if required, on the most appropriate dance style and degree of complexity required to make your special day memorable. 

Many couples are now dancing a Waltz or Slow Foxtrot to lead off the general dancing after the Entree at the Wedding Reception  and are then following up with a more modern Cha Cha, Rumba and so on to lead off the dancing after the cutting of the Wedding Cake later in the evening. Whatever dance or music you have in mind we are able to tailor lessons to cater for your individual requirements.

A Private Lesson for a Wedding can include up to four couples at no additional cost. This sometimes includes the Parents or the Attendants. it is up to the Bridal couple to decide.

There is no minimum of lessons and no packages to sign up for at Showbiz Dance!Tell us what you want and we will give an estimate of how many lessons you require. 

Private lessons are $60.00 per one hour session (inl GST).

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Keep in mind the length of a Bridal full length dress, with or without a train ,will often restrict to some extent the moves that you are able to execute. As the Bride generally dances backwards in the majority of dances a good rule of estimation is "A simple dance, danced elegantly and well is far better than a range of complex moves that are restricted by the dress on the day and cause anguish to the couple at a time when they want to look relaxed and happy".

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