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For those who are not sure what style of dancing they might need the General Social Ballroom classes offer a little of all of the main styles. Latin, Rock & Roll, Modern/ Standard and New Vogue.

A great option for the Absolute Beginner or the Intermediate dancer is the Thursday night class at 7.30pm.  You can take part in an hour long instructional class and then stay on for another hour of supervised practise and the opportunity to socialize.

That's two hours of dancing for just $15.00, no contracts,no minimum number of classes, just pay as you go! Don't get caught out by the memberships and "free" offers of others

Some of the dances covered in the Thursday Absolute Beginner classes include Modern Waltz and Quickstep, Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Merenge,Jive and Rock & Roll as well as Evening Three Step, Merrilyn and a selection of other popular New Vogue dances.

 On Thursdays we offer a separate Intermediate class offering more complex steps and patterns in Latin Modern/Standard and more intricate New Vogue Dances including Barclay Blues, La Bomba Lucille and so on according to the needs of the class.

At 8.30 after a complimentary Tea or Coffee both classes have an opportunity to share the music and practise the dances that have been done that evening and over previous weeks. 

  During the year these class will have some longer social nights , without instruction, to provide a venue to dance for those who don't normally go to dance venues

$35.00 1/2 hour Private Lesson - available in any style

$60.00 1 hour Private. available in any style  (All charges include GST)

Ring now to talk to us about Social Dancing  9783 9486 STUDIO

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