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Many clients are uncertain of where to start with dance classes, all they know is that they've decided that it's time to learn to dance!

We offer a range of Dance styles and can offer advice on where to start.

Young singles and those young at heart, may like to start with a class covering the Latin Styles. Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Merenge, Mambo, Salsa, Argentine Tango and so on. These dance styles are good fun and are danced to an array of fantastic Latin music.

Latin steps are adaptable to adding excitement to your nightclub dancing or to allow you to dance comfortably at a Latin club, festival or restaurant.

Inexperienced dancers start in an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER CLASS and learn the basics of each of the dances and then an array of feature steps, generally in a term of 10 weeks. (All classes are pay as you go and it is not compulsory to sign up for a Term). 

At that stage you can either go off to experience the fun of the Latin nightlife with your new skills or move into an intermediate level, offering an ever increasing array of advanced steps and patterns.

Our structure and syllabus allow you to return to the Showbiz Studio whenever you are ready for an intermediate or advanced series of moves.

Adult classes $15.00 per hour,

 $35.00 1/2 hour Private Lesson

$60.00 1 hour Private.                                     All classes include GST

Ring now to talk to us about Latin!  9783 9486  


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